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Sunday, August 03, 2008

weekend fling

Baby N is a big flirt. It's adorable. Especially when he flirts with me!

I am loving our weekends. Now that he's six months old he rolls around, giggles & shrieks, likes to sneak up on me (in his dad's arm) and surprise me. He works out every day on his stomach getting stronger and more coordinated for the imminent first crawl. He craves going outside to see the cars, the wind in the trees, the waves slapping up against the shore, signs hanging in front of shops. He is eager to pet S the Cat who is usually too fast for him but occasionally S tolerates the affectionate grab of baby fingers.

And with all N's newfound 6-month-old independence, he's still my sweet little baby.
Last Sunday he dozed in my lap at a coworker's baby shower. This Saturday we cuddled in the furniture section of the local Goodwill store. I savor his warm weight against my chest and in my lap. His milky breath exhaled in big sighs in his sleep.

On workday mornings, sometimes L and Baby N will walk me part of the way to work. N grins and squeals whenever we all leave the apartment together. Mondays are the hardest for me. I want more time with Baby N. And yet, once I get to the office I'm absorbed in the rush of adult conversation and business concerns. So I live in two worlds - half of me convinced of the importance and realness of my job, half of me still in the thrall of my weekend with Baby N (& always looking ahead to the next one!).

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