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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Something is up at Fremont Baptist Church. And it is good.

During coffee hour today I had a chance to tell Pastor J that I really appreciated her recent sermon on Anna & the inclusion of her own mom. (see previous post Fremont Baptist) Pastor surprised me saying, "I had no intention of talking about my mother. It just came out of my mouth!" Turns out, that's been happening rather a lot lately. Today's sermon from Genesis 1, with its themes of darkness, light, and God's presence, transformed into Pastor J's personal story of God bringing her through a long journey from darkness into light. A story she hadn't planned on telling us. Not today anyway. A powerful story to hear from the pulpit. And to receive into our own struggles. A story that God moved her to tell us - through her voice, her heart, her life.

There have been other things too, mostly about the way the church is revived. In the course of burying 18 congregants over 3 years it became clear that the church needed younger folks if it was going to continue. And then L, Baby N and I started attending. And another couple. And today a half-dozen college students that usually attend the mega-church up the street.

I told L all about this on our way home. He said, "Your eyes are really big right now." I'm excited. I am convinced that we are part of something special in a special place that already has a special influence in my life.

God with us

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