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Monday, March 02, 2009

gratitude & serendipity

Our health has returned!

My four days at home gave me lots of time with Baby N. Such a treat, even when we were both sick. He would get in a mood where he wanted to be held by me, not Daddy. Or I would sit with him while he played, or hold him on my lap while he watched a video. We went to church together while L stayed home to get a little more sleep. Baby N sang loudly during the hymns to everyone's great delight. Then during Coffee Hour he showed off his impressive new walking, running, climbing, fall-down-bounce-back-up skills.

I received it all like a gift, with gratitude. We had a very rough start, Baby N & me, in our earliest weeks and months together. I was so broken in body and heart following the birth. It's good now to see that bonding is a process, not a singular event. It's good to remember these four days we had at home to be each other's good company and to connect more intently than we do in an average work week.

We're both very different today than we were in our earliest days together. How lucky to have a span of days to get reacquainted as who we are now and to enjoy each other. What other relationships in my life (with my husband, my sister, a friend...) could benefit from some serendipitous tending like this?

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