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Monday, August 31, 2009

fiery Kali

"... the red Kali represents active female force - Shakti, the power to act - the shamanic power to make heat. The fiery Kali destroys falseness and conquers egotism."

Kali also kills the bad guys, drinks their blood, and then wears their heads & arms like jewelry.  Lately there's a lot of stories in the news that I think warrant some Kali action.  Careful!  She's not a goddess you can manage.  Once she starts up into the chopping and the gore... it affects everyone.  Kali in moderation?  Then it's not Kali.  

I want that take-action, single-minded purpose, have-a-powerful-effect quality.  I want that fire, force, and roar.  And, I want my cozy little family.

My task is to find my fire  (start it? remember it? or... what?), tend it to a roar, without consuming me & the good I cherish around me.  

Maybe I'm over-protective.  Maybe my loves can bear & would choose mama's heat.  Maybe they're cold without it.

Vicki Noble. Motherpeace: A way to the goddess through myth, art and tarot. San Francisco:HarperSanFrancisco. 1994. p. 31.

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Jeanette said...

I loving the new look. And I want to hear more about your fired up journey too. Do you play requests?