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Thursday, September 17, 2009

looking forward

and it looks promising for a year of
creativity! passion! fire! motion!

I just ordered my We'Moon datebook for 2010.
"Riding on the thin rim of the Wheel of Change, between alarm at what humankind has wrought and trust in Spirit at the center, We'Moon 2010 inspires us to Reinvent the Wheel to repair the earth's sacred order."
We'Moon calendars beautifully connect the grid of the Gregorian calendar with moon phases, planetary cycles, and "the wheel of the year." Composed of original art & writing by women, these unique pieces encourage the user to tend both her personal spirituality and the collective health of her community. Please visit their website for more about their gorgeous products.

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Chveya said...

Thanks for the link to WeMoon.
I commented at my blog under your comment about the tarot tag. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. =)