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Saturday, February 13, 2010

be mine

L got a part-time job doing security graveyard-shift downtown. He started this week & it's been really rough on him physically and on our little family's equilibrium. We are three creatures of habit. Our habits & habitat are in flux right now. We don't like that. At least we all feel the same way. It confirms our essential pod-ness. (& helps us sympathize with each other?)

This morning L came home with flowers and a little heart-shaped cake for me. "Will you be my valentine?" Yes! (I wish I had something for him.) Later, the three of us took a walk together down to the lake. N insisted on being carried for more than half of it, so L was tired again by the time we got home. He napped briefly while I made lunch for N. Then he had to get up and get ready for work.

He's working so hard to be our big damn hero. My job remains our primary source of income but it's also a source of anxiety. These are still difficult times for small businesses. I worry it... if/when... if/when... if/when...

Tonight there are flowers. There's a happy toddler rollicking around in a creaky crib. L worked 2nd shift today so he'll be home around midnight, early enough for some good sleep before tomorrow's graveyard. We're stitching together a safety net. We're together.


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