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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

in Daddy's words

L emailed the following report to me after "chool" on Monday:

1) Miss L was so impressed with Little N's signing.

2) Miss K was also

3) Miss M threw him a flexibility curve ball, put paint on the table and asked him to paint the table with a brush. He didn't have one hesitance, he did it perfectly.

4) In gym Little N and DL truly truly truly played together for at least 10 minutes. They were doing this tag-team thing taking turns jumping on a mat, patting each other and running off then back to together and stuff. It interrupted DL's therapy session and the therapist just let them go at it, since it was such a significant leap.

5) Little N counted noses in music class.

6) At the end of school, Little N walks out of class, sees Miss K walking down the hall and into an office, he goes to her door and says bye-bye. That's what caused me to I break up a little crying.

When we got home and asked Little N if he wanted to go tell Miss S at the bookstore how good he did in school. He wanted to, and we did. He played behind the cash register.

Here is Little N's diagnosis by his father: New social things will be a big traumatic challenge at first. Then he will figure them out enough to endure them without trauma. Then he will master them. Then he will like them. Then he will be amongst the brightest and most liked in that social context. They will come to him to tutor them on how to use their gadgets. He will be cute, and he will rule.

Because that's exactly the pattern I've seen already.


smarte said...

Love it Jen ~ you & L are such loving & supportive parents. N is a very lucky young man. ~ Marte'

alexandria said...

It's so encouraging and wonderful to hear of N's progress. He is a specially little guy with special parents. Thank you for sharing this post.