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Friday, May 06, 2011


Returning here to share some of our gratitude from recent weeks:
~ Little N's speech has more consonants and clarity
~ He can ask for/demand what he wants and needs
~ He is a jumping bean! the sensory information is flowing through his joints and he loves it!
~ He's following simple directions
~ He enjoys sitting on the potty, and will ask to sit on it. Just sitting is enough, no action. The potty used to terrify him.
~ He drinks & enjoys & requests some of Daddy's protein shake! Out of an open cup! not a sippy. Making the shakes frightened him just weeks ago. Now he reminds Daddy to add the milk.
~ He chooses his preferred books for story time at night. First it was just selecting between 2 options. But now he'll just tell me "Red Tractor" "Chicka Chicka" "Higher Higher."
~ He understands and can work with the direction, "You may choose one small toy" even when he wants to buy a big green John Deere.
~ He can call for help. "Mommy! Mommy! Bug! Bug! Bug!" and there was a big scary spider crawling up the wall of his bedroom.

As for me and L:
~ I'm leaving my employer of 4 years and starting a new job
~ My current employer is being gracious about my departure
~ L is reducing his work schedule down to 20 hours on the weekends - more time together!
~ L is also picking up (we hope!) programming contract work

So we've been working on getting a lot of change into place. Next, navigating the transitions themselves.

And in all of this, Little N thrives, charms, and amazes.
We are so grateful.

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