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Friday, July 15, 2011

50 days of radiance

Remember the Radiant Goddess e-course that I did back in September? Last night L and I had a chat about some bad habits we both fall into. He told me that when he wanted to quit smoking, many years ago, he decided he had to change who he was. For him, that was taking up weight lifting. The best experience I've had of that was the radiant goddess course - after I adapted it - so I'm starting that again for the next 50 days.

My birthday weekend is 50 days from now. I'm allowing that we'll want some kind of delicious celebration then so that's my end point. Plus, 50 is a nice round number. :)

The daily elements are:
  • meditation - I often listen to one on the bus
  • movement - yoga or a walk
  • grounding - brings me back to the present
  • 3 Most Important Tasks - time management
  • nutrition: still looking for a blood sugar managing diet but expect lean protein, gluten free, lush hydration, low sugar, low salt, low caffeine
  • affirmation - I am a bright fresh me; I am ready & resourceful...
  • treats: cafe press favorites, sock dreams, nail polish, art supplies, yarn, going out by myself or to see a friend...
I'm adding two more elements to share this journey of radiance through the blog: Self Portrait Saturdays and Gratitude Sundays. So at least twice a week I'll report back in pictures and words about this transformative (gradually) process.

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