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Saturday, July 09, 2011

this is Hugh... this is Little N

Meet Little N's first hero:

Hugh Masekela's trumpet playing has captured Little N's imagination, prompting him to imitate Hugh by grooving with a whistle as his improvised trumpet. Kiddo couldn't blow the whistle but he still ran to pick it up every time Hugh comes on stage in the Graceland Concert video. "This is Hugh," he said and later, "This is N."

L got Little N a toy trumpet. It's shiny like a real horn and has buttons. When you blow it, it sounds like a recorder. Last weekend Little N really wanted to be able to blow that trumpet. L and I showed him again and again to pucker up and kiss the the mouthpiece, blow a raspberry onto it. Little N giggled, withdrew, handed the trumpet to us in turn, or stuck the mouthpiece in his mouth. Then... he did it! He blew a raspberry onto the mouthpiece and TWEET! blew the trumpet. We were all three surprised and laughing and proud as kiddo showed us again and again that he could do it. High fives all around, and around again, and good job, and high fives.

Then, adding amazement to amazement, Little N walked straight out to the deck, picked up a bubble wand from a cup of bubbles and Blew Bubbles! Which he has never before been able to do since he couldn't work out that blowing thing. Now he does it! More high fives, good job, YAY!

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