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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

gratitude Wednesday

I am grateful:
  • Little N is thriving and enjoying his days with Miss K and Little D.
  • L has started full time work after 3 1/2 years away from it and doing a terrific job.
  • I have given notice at the not-so-fabulous-for-me job and making a big change.  I start part time work at the old company in a totally different role on September 26.  
  • New beginnings and trying to see living differently.
  • L supporting me and encouraging me to make a change in employment and our roles that effects our family and our daily lives in so many ways.
  • Our dear Miss A has returned safely from her pilgrimage with lots in her mind and on her heart.
  • My therapist keeps turning my beliefs upside down in useful, livable, liberating ways.  
  • The real possibility of being able to get together with friends.
  • The real reality of having my husband at home more.
  • Creative ideas and the time and energy to develop them into creations.

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