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Sunday, September 11, 2011

gratitude Sunday

Today I am grateful:
  • That kiddo did great at yesterday's party.  He was running, smiling, and greeted the folks he knew with a boisterous HI!.  The little bouncy house frightened him both because of the motor and because of the happy swarm of children bouncing and squealing in and through it.  But as the afternoon progressed he got closer and closer to it.  Once the other children regrouped around the Birthday Boy D to open presents, then the bouncy house was clear for Little N to really investigate.  He slid and bounced on the slide for a little while before finally climbing inside, just once, with a quick anxious call "Mommy!" and then he was back out.  But he did it!  

  • For a good strong walk this morning. I'm regaining a sense of my whole body, which is a funny thing to write but it's what I mean.  I walked a few days ago and really only felt my pinched sore toes in my sneakers.  The next days I walked in sandals and felt relaxed feet and a smoother gait.  The next day the good gait continued but it was met with stiffness in my hips and low spine.  My hips still troubled me on today's walk but I could feel the good gait all the way up my spine, and reminded myself to relax my shoulders and neck.  So within a week this good walk has moved up my body, re-membering me.  It feels good!
  • For a quiet hour or so while L and Little N go to the park and the grocery store. 
  • To be nearing the end of this phase of the transition between jobs and roles.
  • For a little window of time between jobs to be with Little N, and to prepare my home, my mind, and my time for what's next.
  • For a book list.  For being interested in a few things enough to read about them.
  • A birthday surprise from Mima that helped move something off of my wishlist and into my life (in 7-10 days, ground shipping...)
  • L's love and support shown in daily life ways that make a real difference for me.  Like this hour of quiet. And like his shift to full time work. 
I am grateful for this and more.

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