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Sunday, October 09, 2011

this is what progress looks like: ice cream!

This has been a big week for Food Progress.  Little N has tasted salsa (ouchie!), tamari-seaweed rice crackers (he licked through 2 of them), touched a granola bar to his mouth, licked the top of a corn muffin, requested and enjoyed ice cream!! 

The ice cream was a big surprise.  Our best guess is that the muffin looked like a cupcake and cupcake made him think of ice cream.  Even though he's never really eaten ice cream before (he used to like little tastes of mine but he gave that up around age 2), he's certainly seen it and seen others enjoy it. 

He requested ice cream the other night.  We told him, no, we didn't have any.  But he kept asking for it.  Happy.  And asking for it.  That's it!  We're all going over to the market to buy ice cream!  He loved it.  He ate it that night, the next day, the next night, the next day…  I've really enjoyed watching him really enjoy something that so many kids (and grown ups) really enjoy. 

And Little N is the best reason to have ice cream in the house.

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