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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

this is what progress looks like: belonging together

The day after Thanksgiving was sunny so we made a family trip to the zoo.  Little N was treated to a stuffed animal baby penguin whom he named Tiger.  A few nights later, as I put him to bed, he shared some connections he was making.

The doggie stays with his person.
The goose stays with doggie
Yes (this is from a Kipper episode)
Where is penguin's family?

Last night Daddy came home with Tiger's parents:

Tiger's parents sharing a kiss

A happy reunion for everyone.

Granted, another concept he gained from a video rather than life, but I think it shows that he's making a connection about belonging.  Some things, animals, people, group together.  And I like the way he's taken a couple familiar connections and extrapolated out to address the issue for a new entity in his world.  Plus, it was just so cute to see Mommy and Daddy Penguin kiss as soon as they got home.  

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