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Monday, January 02, 2012

HAES (health at every size)

I've been lurking on HAES blogs for the last couple of years.  Simultaneously, I've been committing and recommitting to weight loss goals.  The two focuses don't really fit together.  I think something in me is done with fighting my body and arbitrary restrictions of dieting.

full-figured yoga
I finally read a couple of the primary HAES resources: Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon and Lessons from the Fat-O-Sphere by Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby.  Bacon's book is very informative but kind of dull and clinical.  Harding & Kirby write with a lot of personality and they include lived experience that helps the reader to envision and embody HAES principles at the size she is today.

something to move in
I've finally acknowledged that weight loss requires vigilance.  It demands persistent attention to restricting carbs, counting calories in and out, wrestling with dieting fatigue and the inevitable rebounding numbers on the scale.

Now imagine redirecting all that into my yoga practice instead.  I won't likely reach an ideal number for my height and bone structure... but maybe I'll cultivate some physical and personal strength, comfort, and peace.

fit, flexible and focused

So I'm starting 2012 with the intention of making some peace with the weight & shape I am. 

I'm trying to accept this weight range that I live in.  I'm paying more attention to feelings of hunger and fullness.  I'm eating delicious, nutritious foods and even some treats.  I'm making time for the activity I really enjoy and appreciate, yoga, regardless of the effect it will or won't have on my weight.  I'm dressing in clothes and colors I love.  I'm nixing my own dieting talk and hope to share a little love of today's body with family and friends who've shared the same struggle.


Di said...

Sounds like a good plan :)
Me; I am going to take up walking and I am going to stop eating chocolate! (So dreading giving up the chocolate!)

Alicia said...

Love this new year's intention. I may follow your lead. On a side note do you think its weird that the author's name is Bacon?

Jenni said...

Di ~ I'm with you on the walking, but I have no plans to give up my chocolate!

Alicia ~ I know! I can smell a big breakfast whenever I see her name on the book. (Well, it's back at the library now.) ;-)