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Sunday, February 05, 2012

radiant goddess check in

In last Sunday's post I wrote about returning to my version of the Radiant Goddess course.  It's been a good experience so far and I'm eager to continue it this week (it's intended to be a 3-week course).   Here's a little bit about how the program is progressing for me:

This is an area that was weak for me last week and that I am recommitting to as a priority.  When I was a bus commuter, it was easy to settle in for a guided meditation or a listening meditation while making the trip to the office.  But now that I have a driving commute, I need to set aside time for this to happen.  This week I'll trying listening to a meditation when I first wake up, before I'm out of bed.

I missed 2 out of 7 days last week.  On one day I substituted a couple long walks.  On the other I was simply stuck at the office and didn't exercise that day.  I'm pleased with my commitment to doing yoga on this program.  This week I'm working with a more challenging routine.

I'm on a good beginning.  I only strayed from my food plan a couple of times.  Once, when I got stuck at work and didn't have enough healthy food packed, plus I was stressed out, and then yielded to chips and candy.  The other time was at the potluck following ritual.  I had a taste of everything - and it was all good!

Choosing 3 most important tasks for each day helps me to clear my mind and focus.  I would like to develop this practice into a consistent habit for myself.  But meditation is a more immediate and challenging goal right now than this type of prioritizing.  This may take a more central focus in week three.

The primary affirmation I am using is "lighter & brighter."  I try to return to that when I'm making choices throughout the day, for example about my attitude or food.

I didn't highlight this in last Sunday's post but it is intended to be part of the course.  In the past year I've learned several grounding techniques that work well for bringing me back into awareness of my body and for remaining attentive, clear, and respectful of myself and others.  Similar to meditation, it's difficult for me to schedule time to practice grounding and was very inconsistent about it last week.  I mainly know how to practice it in the moment when I'm starting to feel stress.   I'm not sure where it fits in my day, as a part of general healthiness.  Maybe in the evenings before bed.

So for this week I'm continuing with good food and regular yoga and I'm being attentive to consistent daily meditation.  I'll also continue with the prioritizing and grounding, but am less concerned about how regularly I hold to them right now.

I feel good.  I feel like this program clearly identifies aspects of daily life that support me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  It brings them all together in a do-able way.  When I'm in the mindset of doing this program, I find I complete more of the things that are important to me.

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