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Sunday, June 03, 2012

day 17 (low tide at Carkeek Park)



Day 17 with the new meds.  We made a few little tweaks to my prescriptions this week.  Still struggling with my energy levels but happy to get out and Do Something.  This morning we went beach combing at a local shore during its lowest tide of the day.

Beautiful. Energizing. Fun.  Such a lovely start to the day.

Kiddo loved it too, which is a stretch from last year at this time, or even from 6 months ago, when going down to the shoreline would have made him too anxious.  This beach in particular involves crossing a narrow metal bridge and staircase over train tracks.  He hated them and refused to cross it last year.  This year, he asked for help, we cross, and he was thrilled to explore and splash!

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