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Saturday, July 21, 2012

making art (together)

I haven't been creating anything at all for a long time.  There's always a reason why I can't and usually, in my mind, that's linked to Little N.

For the first time I went for something different.  Creating with Little N.  We had a good time!

Motherhood kicks my butt most days.  I feel like the me that I knew myself to be and the spark that was my creative essence is out, gone, a whiff in the wind.  It's like dragging along sore creaking muscles to try and move myself into another way of thinking about myself, about my life, about the future and the world....

But including Little N in this activity that used to be all mine means that I got to be a little creative and got to experience a new me.  A little glimpse of what life can be when I loosen my grip on the past and on my grief and welcome in what is today.

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The Bright Side of Life said...

LOVE this post. The picture that you and N have created *together* is beautiful.