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Saturday, November 17, 2012

this is what progress looks like: successful IEP meeting

Parent Teacher (& Kiddo) Conference this morning at Little N's school.  We met with Little N's teacher, his Occupational Therapist, and his Speech Therapist.  (They look so young to me!)  We learned that he is making progress on all of his goals and has actually achieved a few of them.  We also received some helpful suggestions on what we can work on at home to help him to continue to progress.  We are so grateful for this terrific team and their work with Little N.

To celebrate the good news, and Little N's good behavior during the meeting, we visited the Goodwill store on the way home.  Sitting next to the bicycles was one scooter.  Kiddo has been asking for a scooter for months.  I looked up at L, "Is this for sale?"  And $8 later it we were walking it out to the car.  Kiddo was ready to ride it immediately.  A quick trip to the park and he was on his way!

Next meeting: preparing for the transition to Kindergarten...!

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