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Saturday, June 01, 2013

self portrait Saturday

I'm reading two books right now, Spiral Dance and Naked Spirituality.  Both of them address spirituality, from Pagan and Christian perspectives respectively.  One theme that I'm finding across the two books and points of view is the importance of a personal, daily (?), practice.  Neither one specifically defines nor instructs the reader in this and yet it's sort of implied in order to develop the spirituality described and to use the tools the books outline.  

As a working mother and wife I find it incredibly challenging to make time and space for a daily spiritual practice.  Things like meditation or prayer or even simple silence are not easily achieved in my world.  Am I just "on hold" spiritually until my job and my family require different things from me?  Where is the wiggle room in which to start with a mere 5 minutes of quiet time?

5 minutes of quiet time....

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