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Thursday, September 26, 2013

54 pieces!

Well, I mostly quit smoking.  
I had 4 cigarettes yesterday.  I came into the office this morning ready to tear into 54 pieces of
cinnamon-y cigarette-resisting chain-chewing goodness.  

But then the day really hit me.  
I bummed a smoke off of a co-worker.  He's a generous man and gave me two.  
So that's 2 cigarettes for the entire day.  I raced outside for the first one and am zealously guarding the remaining stick of filthy cancer-ridden addiction-appeasing badness.

I only started smoking (this time around) in the summer.
It's been years since I smoked regularly.
But this stuff just seeps into all the little cracks rendered by stress & fatigue & glues you back together.
Until it doesn't.  

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