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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hello Kitty

I was coerced into buying someone this Hello Kitty tote bag.  

I intend to be that open-minded gender-neutral mom.  So when Little N started asking questions about the Hello Kitty display in the store I went right along with him.  "Oh, would you like this little Hello Kitty bag?"  "No, I want the big one."  And surrounded by my own best intentions, I found myself picking the tote up off of the display, checking the price tag ($25!), and handing it to him in the cart. He was so pleased to hitch the handles up onto his shoulder and walk home carrying it beside me, me with my plain black canvas tote hitched up over my shoulder.  The next day his dad came to pick him up for the afternoon.  "Dad!  Look at my bag!  It has a CAT on it!"  And his dad was excited with him too.

Seriously, though, $25!  I'm a sucker for my best intentions.  At least kiddo is still excited about it.

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