God is the madwoman in the attic.
I'm camped out on the threshold with my journal, camera, and plenty of snacks.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

3 things

zee nectar of zee gods ~ coffee

not awesome with coconut milk but dump a bunch of it in and the coffee is slightly more guzzle-able

happy light

my psychiatrist (whom I love) doesn't anticipate that I'll get depressed this dark season.  I'm not as confident about that as she is.  already I perceive these dim mornings mocking me.  a co-worker reminded me that I do have this Happy Light at my side.  I could just switch it on.  So I did.

Marlboro gold

lingering in the back end of the bottom drawer of my desk.  In case I "need" them.  I haven't smoked since Friday.  But today they are singing my name.  what could be better than sitting on the stoop, a mug of hot coffee, and the first cigarette of the day.  not smoking could be better.  I'm not smoking.

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