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Friday, October 04, 2013

Whole30 days 3&4

this is what I think a really good Whole30 plate looks like 

baked fish, kale sautéed in olive oil with peppers & onions, ton of steamed asparagus
and that was yesterday's lunch.  

I call this one "still life with sticker"
it's also some of today's snack food.  I actually really enjoy colored bell peppers as a snack.  
yes, they are more tasty with cheese...

creamy goodness for not awesome coffee.  
the coffee's bitter, I'm not.  (yes I am.)
do you see in this photo? - yes - more candy, lying in wait for me.

mine all mine!  except for this Whole30.

once upon a time (last week) I would have devoured more than my share of these tasty morsels.  
And my co-workers would either not notice or not mind.  
today the blessed things are lying around going stale.  

I'm noticing:

1) I eat without thinking about it.  Not right now, because of this Whole30, but usually.  I catch myself scraping the edge of the yogurt container, after dishing some out for Little N, and then lifting the spoon to my mouth until, Wait! Stop! Spit it out!  I'm on a Whole30!  Wow.  I didn't even notice I was about to eat something. The same goes for candy at the office.  Actually all food all the time.  I think, maybe, it's become the company I keep in these often lonely days at work and at home.

2) good glory I love and miss smoking. I physically crave it like I crave sweets. I bask in the secondhand smoke of the smoking clique at work.  

3) I love and miss the smoking clique.  We're all still friends but I don't have as much time with them to chat and gossip and vent and tease and just be together when I'm not smoking.  I've started slipping out to the butt can with a cup of tea to just hang out.  & get teased.  

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