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Friday, February 28, 2014

this moment

There's a lovely blogger who posts "this moment" every Friday.  
It's a beautiful, special moment from the week captured in a pretty photo.  

My week has been a little less than lovely.

Probably the best "moment" was leaving the attorney's office, empowered with more information about how to proceed in my divorce.  It's been a pretty heavy week.  I'm grateful for the support of family and a few friends, yet I still feel like I'm carrying this heaviness, this divorce, on my own.  I'm ready for this week to be over. I'm eager for this divorce to be done but there are more steps, more weeks of carrying the heaviness, before me.

We're heading into mediation next.  Will that lessen this load?  Give me a sense of sharing the burden with at least the mediator if not also with my ex?  Make it our journey rather than my fatigued stumbling?  

I used to know how to slow myself down and pace myself in accordance with the energy that I possessed.  But not this week.  My job, my son, my home requires energy, focus, and emotion I don't currently possess and all I perceive is the dissonance.  

I trust that there is relief, peace, loveliness on the other side of this.  
For now, in this moment, this is where I am. 

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