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Friday, September 15, 2006

food & drink

Another part of last week's full moon ritual also stays with me.

At the close of a ritual we always pass around cakes and ale. It might be corn bread and beer or last week it was fish crackers and fizzy water. You hand the cakes to your neighbor saying, "May you never hunger" and with the ale you say, "May you never thirst."

& of course it brings up all these associations to celebrating the Eucharist or taking Communion (depending on which denomination you are in). At St. M's they say, "The body of Christ, was broken for you" and "The blood of Christ, was shed for you." It's a very different focus than what transpired in the woods last week. But there is at least one passage in the Gospels about living water and never thirsting.

I'm trying to bring the two together in my sense of what we are doing when we pass food & drink around a circle of believers. That the blessings may inform each other. And foster a richer, deeper, more accurate (?) understanding of what we are doing there. How we do humanity & divinity & relationship among them.

the body of Christ
may you never hunger
the blood of Christ
may you never thirst

may your needs be met
your body and your soul sustained

(and still I'm wondering about what is nutrient rich and what is convenience food & filler)

may you find the right grub when you reach for it
may the act of preparing it also prepare you for it

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