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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

who am I kidding


That's probably going further than what I really mean. I do wish for a a sense of Presence in my life. Based on my conversations with folks who seem to share in that sense it seems that a daily spiritual practice is required to cultivate it. Similar to how one cultivates any intimate connection.

That sounds familiar to me. Growing up in the church we called it Devotions. It typically involved Bible study & prayer with a devotional book to prompt, inspire, or guide you. Sometimes it "worked." Sometimes it was an obligation to cross off the list. I crave something with more vitality than that.

The practices outlined in
God Is A Verb advise doing them when you have 30 uninterrupted minutes. I don't have that right now although maybe my lunch break could hold that. The book also talks a lot about raising one's awareness, for example by stepping out of routine - but we're still hoping for a routine since Baby N arrived.

I need something flexible and creative. Something that will hold my attention in the moment. Something that will infuse the mundane (or perhaps reveal the mundane) with meaning. Most of my closest relationships are with folks that I lived with day by day in all the mundane details. If God is at all then surely God is in the folded laundry, the long nights walking a fussy baby, the budgeting, the hopes.

I'll start collecting meditations & spiritual practices. I'll try them out & let you know how it goes.

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