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Monday, July 07, 2008

the j-o-b

I think the job is getting to me.

It's time to start looking for a new job. That means preparing my headspace as much as updating my resume. The headspace work will help in the short term as well. Having something to work for, to look forward to, may supplement my motivation and energy. Several weeks ago, I posted two little reminders on my monitor (see above) to help me keep perspective and be a me that I like while I'm at work.

"Imagine" is about looking ahead. What would I like to do? to learn? What do I need to be able to support our family? What good might I bring where I am today? Who do I want to be and how do I want to live?

"Hush" is, primarily, about refraining from gossip. As I read more about spiritual disciplines I start to understand another kind of silence, an inner silence that I don't have. A silence that grants an opening for God.

I've been failing both of my reminder words lately. Noticing them in this photograph brought them to the front of my mind, even as they are in front of my face all day. I'm remembering them, tonight, and I hope the meaning will be as fresh and relevant by mid-morning tomorrow.

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