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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

gently, gently

Is it spring...that has me warm and fragile like a baby bird in my own hands?

Partly it's the long slow recovery from the birth, more than a year now but still my body is not quite right. Sadness lingers around the edges of my days, wafting through unexpectedly, stinging and disorienting.

But partly it's the tenderness of new life. Fresh green shoots, vulnerable to the volatile weather of change, yet full of promise. I am healthy; we are a learning & laughing family; each week its seems to me that more is real & possible for our lives. This is how hope feels.

So I'm treating myself gently, gently, in this new season of my life.
I've traded the "get-shreaded" weight loss work-outs for yoga. I'm waking earlier in the mornings to visit with my husband over coffee and play with the baby. In other ways too I'm slowing down a little, savoring things like a feeling in my body, or an hour of time with someone. Productive, creative, moderate. It is good.

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