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Saturday, August 07, 2010

bring it on home

We've enjoyed some really fun accomplishments this week with N. He's started making the connection that the same things that he does out in the world at specific places - like making art at the Children's Museum or playing with food at the pub or climbing around at Gymboree - he can do at home. These activities aren't locked to a place and neither is he. He can do what he wants whenever wherever he wants to.

Wow! Do you see how that would expand how he expresses himself as well as what & how he can learn? It's really important. And... we're having fun doing it!

This morning we made art at home. I set up paper side by side on the doors of the art cupboard. Laid out crayons, markers, colored pencils, and paint (with brushes, kiddo still doesn't dig goopy fingers).
I worked on the one on the right.
N joined in moving back and forth between the two canvasses

and the floor.

Nice work!

And, did you know that kiddo had a piece in a local indie art show?

We think it's "Blade of Grass."
He is so zen.

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