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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goddess Circle over at Goddess Guidebook

I've been so looking forward to this! The Goddess Circle over at Goddess Guidebook started today.

I've been looking for a spirituality and daily living community to participate with but juggling family time (since L works 4 nights a week) and relying on public transportation and needing childcare - the options are slim. I started wondering about an online community... I already frequent Goddess Guidebook and I love her 2010 Workbook. I return to it regularly to stay on (or return to) the goals & values I set for myself earlier in the year. I add pages to it: meditations, recipes, yoga poses, holiday celebrations... so when Goddess Leonie shared her vision of the Goddess Circle it felt like she was speaking to me.

I encourage you to go take a peek at what is being offered there and see what it's about. And please check in here from time to time over the year and hear about what this unique place comes to mean in my life. So far, I'm enjoying meeting the other women in the Circle and exploring a constellation of smaller circles within it - forming around classes she hosts or simply common themes in our lives such as mothering or working towards goals.

I'm grateful to have found something that fits my immediate life. I'm grateful to have committed to remember myself and to replenish myself. I'm posting this here to say that I am participating in this community, beyond the initial sign up and downloads. Beginnings are so promising. Middles... I invite you to ask me about it and hold me to my commitments.

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