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Friday, September 24, 2010

Radiant Living day 18 of 21

I'm still with it! And I've adapted it to be more live-able for me. This current version is something I'd like to maintain for at least another 21 days.

The diet was... not working. :) I felt drained and sluggish much of the first full week. I tried to manage it but then my tummy got all puffed up and I swear there was a compost heap overwhelming my poor belly. So! We made some changes.

First, I added back eggs (& turkey bacon but it's not what you think!). Then some fish and even a little chicken. Typically I feel best when I eat these proteins & veggies. So I'm holding onto my progress with my behavioral/addictive foods: caffeine, chocolate, & sugar, as well as the irritants: gluten & dairy, but letting go of dietary purity. (In case it's not obvious - no alcohol on this plan either.)

It felt a little bit like failure to make this decision. But, completing the diet for its own sake wasn't my goal. I wanted a wholistic approach. A lighter diet, yes, and addressing some toxic habits (like coping with my feelings via food) and integrating some positive practices (like meditation & grounding). And that's what I'm doing. That's changing and releasing me.

the cover of my goddess circle binder

I'm giving myself permission to practice & play with meditation and it's working! I'm adding it into my morning routine with N, or I'll listen to a meditation while walking to work, or while stretching. It's a relief and an opening for meditation to be not just cross legged silence. I still aspire to that stillness but it's sincerely not where I am today. That's ok.

Movement is going great. Yoga is a blessing to my body & mind. My boss said to me today, "I think your yoga is working for you. You should do it more.... When you're happy, I'm happy." I appreciate that he noticed a change in me.

Choosing 3 MIT (Most Important Task) is another useful new practice for me. I'm easily swept up into the most urgent task or the most entertaining/distracting task... but most important can fall behind unless I name it and plan for it early.

Divine Day planner page & my journal

There are some important things from this class that I haven't kept up with and I'd like to dig into them as I continue beyond the initial 21 days. I've fallen behind on watching course videos even though they're brief and I actually really enjoy them. Goddes Leonie and Goddess Sone are heartfelt, informed, enthusiastic, funny, pragmatic guides for this transformation process. The videos convey info - but they also convey connection and encouragement. (And I totally didn't expect to like the videos cuz I usually don't but... these gals got it!)

There have also been some great journal prompts, and the recommendation for a nightly gratitude journal that I haven't been doing but would like to try to weave into my up-too-late evenings. I think journalling followed by more focused meditation are the two most important things for my second set of 21 days. If all goes well... some of that good stuff will also show up here for you, dear reader.

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