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Friday, September 24, 2010

Tati & the airplane

One of the questions they ask us at, like, every stinking evaluation they do of my sweet boy is, "If you ask him to identify something in a picture, like 'Where's the cat?' will he point to it?"

No, he won't, so stop asking! Gah! It makes me feel badly that he can't/won't/doesn't do this stuff. Besides, don't you people read each other's notes and reports? Grrrrrrrr!

do you see N's little hand reaching for Tati?

But the other night N did something different. We were reading his favorite book, Numbers by Sara Anderson, and his favorite number 5 has a picture of 5 windows. One of those windows has a cat, just like his favorite pal Tati. N shouts, "TATI!"

he named her all by himself!

"Yes, honey, yes! There's a little cat just like Tati in that window! Good eyes!" Yay!! He identified something! I know, I didn't ask him to. He just wanted me to know the cat was there and he told me. I say that counts! (no pun intended...)

I recently pulled an unused mug out from the back of the top shelf to make tea for a friend. Rather than climb back up to put it away, I just added it into our current rotation. The next night, while I was sipping from it, N says, "airplane!" I was very confused, "Do you hear an airplane? Are you thinking about airplanes? Do you want me to get an airplane toy?" "Airplane!" He's looking at the mug... I glance at it. "Oh babe, that's a helicopter, but it's close. Good work." "Airplane!"

I put him to bed a little while later and made myself a fresh cup of tea. Looking more closely at the helicopter on my mug, yeah, it's a seaplane. Just like the planes N watches fly over us all day, everyday. I was so apologetic to his little sleeping self.

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