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Sunday, September 19, 2010

& then he kissed me

My son kissed me! The sweetest, proudest little kiss! He was so cute.

We were watching The Daily Show because that's quality programming for mamas & children and kiddo got up from where he was playing, ran over to me, I leaned forward and MWAH! He grinned and ran away. Then ran back! Stuck his cheek out for me to kiss it.

There have been a lot of great new things in the last week. The hyper-sensitive phase has subsided and N is just busting out of his shell. He says "mommy" now! My long desired word. I smother him with kisses every time he says it. He says "bye bye" really clearly to people, places, & things. He blows kisses. He's joyfully active. Daddy got him a little play-tent designed like a green jeep. N is crazy about it and spent a solid 30 minutes this morning going all Monster Truck on it having crashes. He jumps on the bed and makes little climbing challenges for himself. Today he navigated an artsy, sculpture-ish, uneven set of stairs on his own, finding the places where he could step up. We're stacking blocks and practicing with the shape sorter. We color together after a meal.

Little things he knows or has been practicing in play are getting out into the light of day. Most of all, I'm loving his efforts to communicate. I'm loving this new found vivacity and expressiveness. The "N" that we knew was in there is coming out.

I don't know how long this phase will last. Hopefully everything he's showing us now he'll be able to maintain and continue to progress. He is still sensitive. Yesterday's trip to the park was about 60/40 playing versus withdrawn or repetitive behavior when the place swelled with children and activity. And yet, I think he managed it better than other outings. I think it counts.

Tonight, when I put him in his crib, he hopped up right away, leaned forward, and then he kissed me. Nite nite, sweetheart. "Bye-bye."


almhawkes said...

I'm sharing your joy - thanks for posting the progress. Please give him an Auntie Alla hug and smooch for me.

Katie Bennett said...

love this!!! My Austin was a late talker and still has some neuropsych issues but has the sweetest soul- when he was 20 months old he said "Mama"- his first word- your post brings back all the joy of that...thank you for sharing this!!!

Jenni said...

thank you mamas! :) We are so enjoying each little achievement. It's great joy to share with you all.