God is the madwoman in the attic.
I'm camped out on the threshold with my journal, camera, and plenty of snacks.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

mama likes, in no particular order

~ succumbing to temptation a la pumpkin pie
~ snuggling against daddy while he naps between shifts
~ a tiny, warm apartment on a grey, damp morning

~ living in her new sweater
~ watching N imitate the grown-ups drinking coffee from an empty Starbucks cup (with sleeve, good god don't let the sleeve fall off!)
~ daddy insisting on participating in our Sunday morning walk even though he's so tired from working extra shifts and N insists on being carried

~ N telling daddy "shhhhh" with his finger to his lips as we sit together by the water
~ so-quiet-you-can-hear-a-pin-drop during naptime for daddy & N
~ not-scary-at-all mystery novels

~ N's new tricycle!
~ one lonely little fruitfly (what? too good to be true?)
~ making lists

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