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Friday, October 01, 2010

first day of "chool"

Wednesday was N's first day of "chool!"

to the bus stop in Daddy's arms
On the bus ride (city bus not school bus) the driver announced on the PA system that she was so excited to be driving N to his first day of school. Pretty cool, right? It totally reminded me of our wedding when the captain of the ferryboat announced us after the ceremony. Another one of those wow life events and sharing that zing! with a group of strangers - surely they can feel and enjoy the electricity of the moment.

N's class is really small, a total of 4 boys and 1 girl, and Daddy stays with him for the full 2 hours (and it meets 2x/week). Another little boy, D, latched onto N as soon as kiddo got to class. N wasn't sure of D until D most awesomely crashed a large toy. Then he was impressed!

picture N made in OT
N's teacher is really strict, in a good way. Everyone must wash hands and help with clean-up throughout the class. N also receives Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy as part of his school time. He enjoyed both of his therapists and showed off to them what he can do. There were a couple of bumpy events during class but N recovered and kept going. That totally counts.

Kiddo was loud & proud the rest of the day. Even when I got home from work hours later he was still excited. We went out to the pub to celebrate. N continued on his show-off mode, picking up Daddy's ginormous fork and pretending to eat with it.

big happy sigh. This is exactly the foundation of good work and little successes that we needed. This is what hope looks like for us.

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