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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

after yoga


The days that I least want to do yoga are the days I need it most. I drag my cranky, perpetually adolescent mind & body to the ladies' room to change into my gym clothes. I do yoga on my lunch break in the little staff room upstairs. Once I make it up to the staff room we're all good, my mind, body, & me.

I am so tempted to write a paragraph here about all the things I'm not - as related to yoga & athleticism & mystic meditationy stuff. But let's try this instead:

I love how yoga makes me feel. I love my body moving through the poses. I love starting over with a snap-crackle-pop after too many days away. I love physical strength developing. I love paying attention. I love bringing my concentration back to the instructions and the pose when my chattering rattling mind wanders off into sh!tville, again. I love the mental clarity I bring back to my day-job. I love my attitude flexing into something as warm & bendy as my body.

after yoga

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Sylvie M said...

Yes, time after yoga feels great.
I've done yoga for one year and a half and it was great, but the teacher retired. I didn't try to come back at it just because of what you say : when we need it most, it's hard to go to a yoga course. It's easy to relax softly more when you are already smooth, but when all is tensed, I find it hard to let go and concentrate.