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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Little N's first progress report or the proud happy mommy report!

I was so happy to receive this email from Little N's teacher:

What a sweet little guy you have! He is a real joy to work with.

He appears to like school better than when he first started and the transition from dad to school has improved greatly. He comes in with more of a smile and seems happy to be here.

Little N is VERY interested in the other kids – especially during circle and table work times. He watches them and will often imitate their actions often during movement songs and during shared reading time. He is adjusting nicely to the schedule and looks to see what the other kids are doing to cue him what he should be doing. This is a wonderful skill!

He has just recently started drinking from an open cup at snack. Will he do this at home? I think watching the other kids drink this way motivated him to try it at school.

He still uses limited language at school but will repeat, quietly, words and phrases asked of him.

Little N is much more social outside than inside when playing. When outside, he loves to stay with the group (running and being chased), when inside he prefers to play by himself (with any type of car/truck). I think he really likes “show and tell” so keep sending in the items and thank you for making the effort.

We have bright little buds of social skills and language shining here. And within just one month of starting preschool! I am very happy, relieved, comforted, and grateful. Little N has a place to thrive.

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Carolyn said...

This is an awesome letter Jenni! You and Lance are doing a fantastic job with North!! He is just blossoming right in front of your eyes!! You are blessed to have him and the wonderful teachers and support system there in your area!