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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday morning report on Little N

I got the following from L while I was at the office:

Loads of good things.

1) I bought a meat pizza to cook for morning snack and lunch. Little N started poking at it with fork. I got him his own slice and fork. He licked a piece not less than 50 times, essenti ally pretending to eat while I ate mine. Then he took a piece of sausage off it and put it in his mouth....3 times.

2) When the kids were jumping on beds, Little N leaned against Little K and her big Elmo, then kind of wrestled with her, and pulling Elmo up and said "there you are".

3) Little N pretended to lay down and go to sleep while they were on the beds.

4) Little N got up while everyone was snacking and started dancing to music that was playing.

5) Leaving the house, Little N and Little L are saying bye over and over to each other, and then Little N says "I love you".

ok you can cry now.

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