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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gratitude Sunday

Today I am grateful for:
  • a tiny euphoric moment, in a sunny afternoon, holding Little N's hand as we walked home from a happy visit at the park, every green leaf on the trees showed crisp and distinct, I felt happy and at peace with every thing in my life
  • today's early morning trip to the park, crocheting while N drove his trucks in the dirt or climbed and jumped on the rocks
  • a fresh beginning, patience with myself today, a commitment to good work that makes the best of each day while bringing me into my next best self
  • L's gig, good hours, good rate, mentally engaging him
  • my job, secure company, lots to learn, room to grow, good people on every side, getting stuff done
  • my mom willing to fly in to help me if L had to go home for his family
  • all's well, L doesn't need to go home
  • Little N's newest clarity of speech and growing conversational style
  • Little N's imagination showing in things like "N walking on grass" as he strolls along the carpet, or "N on zoo" and he ROARS! stompy pacing on the deck
  • Little N's new delight in silly
  • regular rhythm of weekends with my boy, chores, walks, park, store, yoga, snacks
  • our neighborhood, safe to take Little N for a walk in the early antsy mornings, the park is nearby and it's safe for me to bring him there on my own, useful stores in walking distance and the folks there are friendly and familiar
  • sweet happy playful challenging little boy
  • family walks, rain or shine
  • cool, grey, summer days like today

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