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Monday, August 08, 2011

Gratitude Monday

Today I am grateful for creature comforts:
  • a gentle little yoga routine after a week away from it
  • lemonade
  • L getting an early release copy of the new book by his favorite author
  • soy chai lattes
  • quinoa tabbouleh at the healthy food store
  • blue jeans and a super soft t-shirt
  • a 5-day weekend starting on Wednesday
  • the smell of fresh sheets on the bed
  • a quiet apartment to myself for a little while
  • a quiet nearly-empty library on my lunch break
  • cool evening breezes
There's really so very little that I can control. But I worry it and worry it like a loose tooth that just isn't ready to come out. Creature comforts bring me back to my senses - smell, sound, sight, taste, touch - and the real world I inhabit.

(day 25 of 50)

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