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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Self-Portrait Saturday (ahhhh)

finally, a nice, normal, Saturday

A bowl of fruit for breakfast while Little N drives trucks, with vividly accurate sound effects, along the end of the kitchen table. Laundry started. Yoga and core workout done. Wind rustling and rattling through the blinds. Happy sigh.

My 50-day practice has languished, but not surrendered yet. I've managed to hold onto pieces of it, and return to pieces of it even in the midst of challenging days. Like choosing yoga to resolve a stressful spinning in my head. Or making two out of three meals gluten-free by avoiding the free bagels at the office. And enjoying a long walk with L and Little N at the end of a roller coaster day.

I still have 13 days until my birthday weekend. So I'm recommitting to my practice now with a focus on these things:
  • listen to a meditation in the morning
  • some kind of movement every day - a family walk counts
  • grounding - by taking 10 minutes away from my desk in the afternoon
  • speak up about the additional resources I need to do my job and ask for them
  • gluten-free, lush hydration, low-sugar, low-salt, fresh fresh fresh!
  • write down what I am grateful for - and what I am enjoying and learning
There are some big decisions ahead of my little family in the next week. Anchoring myself in my practice will help me perceive answers and commit to choices. Wish us luck!

(day 37 of 50)

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