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Saturday, August 20, 2011

this is what progress looks like: eggs!

eating eggs with Daddy

We continue to work with kiddo on food. He's still severely limited in what he will eat but at least it's all stuff that's good for him. Right now, we're working with eggs. L eats eggs every day and so when he got back from Arkansas, he whipped up a plate of eggs for breakfast and another little plate for Little N. Kiddo was so excited to eat what Daddy was eating, off of a real plate with a real fork. So, I tried it again this afternoon.

My lunchtime eggs didn't get quite the warm reception, and gleeful grin, that Daddy's did, but Little N did poke around at them with his fork and lick the fork. We called it success. He did a terrific job on the rest of his food (his usual and complete diet: pasta with puree green beans, applesauce, yogurt, and wheat bread). Followed it with a glass of milk and he walked himself to his room for a nap before I could say, "naptime!"

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