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Sunday, September 25, 2011

adventure Friday, on Wednesday

We didn't get a proper Adventure Friday this week.  And now that we've learned that Little N has been scheduled for the Extended Program at school for Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings, I'm not sure what Adventure Fridays are going to look like.  But for this week, we managed to get in a few non-Friday mini-adventures.

On Wednesday we trekked downtown, through one of Seattle's infamous protests, to meet a high school friend of mine who was in town for work and had the afternoon free.  I was a little nervous.  Besides not having seen the Lovely S in several years, I had kiddo with me.  How was he going to react to a new place?  To a new person?  To hanging out while Mommy and the Lovely S caught up on everything?

At first, it was crummy.  Little N was not keen to meet Mommy's friend.  He was eager to get the heck out of the hotel and on a bus for home.  But... the Lovely S got us a booth at the hotel restaurant... beside a huge wall of window overlooking... the Freeway!! and a bridge over the Freeway!!  and a construction site on the other side of the Freeway!!

Suddenly all of his words and his delight were bursting out of him.  "Look at that truck! Right there!" "Look at that tractor."  "Look at that street sweeper.  It's right there!"  He was delighted and the Lovely S was graced with his smiles and good will.  She and I chatted there over salads for a couple hours.  I'd packed snacks for kiddo and the waiter was kind enough to bring us more milk.  Paradise.

We tried adjourning to the Public Library but Little N was done.  He used his words!  "I'm all done inside."  "I want to go outside."  "I want to find a bus."  Rather than push our luck, I thanked him for using his words and we were on our way.

The Lovely S was duly impressed with kiddo's good behavior and his words.  It was such a nice visit for she and I.  Thank you Little N.  I am so happy for your patience, your contentment, and your words.

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