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Monday, September 19, 2011

back to school (part 2)

Little N did great!

When I picked him up from school the Miss B had put a little report card of the day in his bookbag.  He got his hands dirty with ink!  He played on the slide with a little girl named E!  He made a handprint owl placemat.

And in an added little note - Miss B let me know that he cried for only 3 or 4 minutes before proceeding with the school day.  (Maybe we can get that down even shorter tomorrow.)
Walking home from school, Little N showed me a little green circle with a smiley face on it that he'd found at school.  I think maybe it's a sticker that lost its sticky.  He held onto it the whole walk home.  It was a lovely little walk in the sunshine and breeze.  Just kiddo and me holding hands under the blue sky. 

It's hours later and kiddo is still keeping track of the little green circle.  He picks it up and says, "Bye bye school."  "Yeah, bye school," I say, "See you in the morning."  (Hmmm, maybe tomorrow will be a little tougher than I was expecting.)

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