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Monday, January 16, 2012

not our best day

We were off to a good start.  A light dusting of snow.  A day off from school for Little N.  Me, slowly making progress against this cold that has knocked me out.  I went to work.  Later L brought Little N to the office as well and kiddo ran around very happily and managed to not disturb anyone very much.  But upon arriving home after this busy happy morning we discovered that I'd forgotten a new favorite toy at the office.

The tantrum that ensued was like nothing I'd ever seen.  Little N spat and kicked and banged his head...  I tried holding him.  Talking to him soothingly. Carrying him to a more open room for less risk of injury.  Playing music he loves.  But nothing worked.  

Somewhere in there I thought, 'Maybe he's hungry?' and started making his lunch.  That's when he decided to make me a cup of coffee.  Odd, but ok.  And things started to shift.  He snacked on his lunch.  We called L and so Little N got to hear Daddy promise to bring the toy home tonight.  

I told Little N that I was going to do some yoga.  Would he prefer I do it in the living room, near him, or back in the bedroom.  He chose the living room.  And maybe it was just what he needed.  Because while I got some of this:

He ran to his room for a little of this:

Here's hoping we both got enough of what we need for a happier, calmer, afternoon.  (Although, now I probably need to drink that cup of coffee.)

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