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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

weirdo (me)

My husband explained to me this morning that I'm a weirdo.   I was fair game since I say similar things to him more frequently than would be considered nice.  (He describes himself as, "the hard stuff is easy and the easy stuff is hard."  I describe that as weird - and so frustrating!)

We were chatting about the fabulous job at the fabulous company that I quit after three months this summer because it was not a fabulous fit for me.  The CEO there told me that he thought I was a star.  So why didn't it feel like a good fit?  Why didn't I feel like a star?  Where the heck is my good fit?

L described me as really strong in some areas and really weak in other areas that are not normal.  As in, "weirdly shy and apprehensive about normal things, like driving."  And it all adds up to a… quirky? person who doesn't exactly fit in.  A weirdo.

From L's point of view,  where he's seen me shine has been in particular pieces of writing I've done in the last several years.  That's your strength, he told me.  That's what you should be doing.  

It would seem that the only thing left, is to do it.  

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