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Monday, June 18, 2012


our new view
one fascinated observer
 ugh!  We're witnessing massive, noisy!, construction to the store and parking lot behind our apartment building.  It means keeping the windows closed on warm sunny days and even earplugs for my sensitive self.

But one little member of the family is increasingly curious and brave about studying what's going on out there.  And that's been a good transformation to watch - as Little N went from terrified ("Mama!  Come inside!  Close the door!") to gluing himself to the sliding door to see it all for himself.

bitty green wall
Despite the destruction next door, my little garden continues to grow and offer me comfort and encouragement.  The herbs will be begging for larger pots soon, the morning glories are reaching for the rails of the banister, and the tomato plants sport little yellow blossoms promising bright red cherry tomatoes.  My little oasis.

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