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Monday, June 11, 2012


Today is Day 25 with the new meds.  My mood and motivation is holding, though my energy levels and general grogginess continue to waver and interfere with my plans.  Although even that didn't stop me from enjoying this weekend!


  • snuggling down under a blanket on a cool beach
  • watching kiddo run around in the sand, splashing in the water, coaxing Mommy up out of her blanket and into the sunshine (when it crept out from behind the clouds)
  • getting dirty at a friend's house while working in her yard
  • turning over garden beds and planting veggie and flower starts
  • getting DIRTY!  seriously, head to toes, layered in good clean dirt!
  • cake and ice cream for dinner, just cuz

1 comment:

The Bright Side of Life said...


Your post
The photos
That you are feeling better (the grogginess will subside!!)
That your boy coaxed you out from your blanket... how cool is that connection!! :-)

Be happy ~ life is good! x