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Sunday, April 28, 2013

fast day 2 of 2 (or breaking the fast)

This is my first meal since Friday night.  

Oh man today has been challenging!  I got to the point where I could not think clearly, my head ached and my thinking was just fuzzy.  I was nauseous.  There was a terrible taste in my mouth. I was so cold.  My body ached.  I got into bed and stayed under the covers for hours while L took Little N out to a park.  It occurred to me that the fast was directly interfering with my ability to participate with my family.

My girlfriend Miss A called and asked me what I was up to today.  When I explained that I was following a 2-day fast that Miss G's naturopath had given her, Miss A was sort of startled.  She explained that my body is very different from Miss G's.  That the naturopath had designed the fast and the elimination diet and supplements (which I don't have) for Miss G.  I've got different issues (including my antidepressants), different parts of my body that need to be addressed by a potentially different kind of fast.  When L got home from the park he reinforced what Miss A had told me.  "Yeah, that was a real bad fast.  But you sure showed that you could do it!"

So here's what I've learned:

  • I can resist food.  Even when I'm really hungry.  
  • I can feel the discomfort of hunger, for at least a day, and continue in what the day requires.
  • My elimination diet, the next phase of the fast, will focus on my go-to foods of chocolate and bread.  I will fill up on nutritious produce and lean proteins.  
  • If I do a fast like this again it will be under the guidance of a trained practitioner who is familiar with my body and lifestyle.  

All in all, a useful exercise, that I was anxious about starting and not sure that I'd be able to do.  I'm still thinking about my relationship with food and learning other ways to deal with my feelings.  I've learned that I can take away food.  But what will I put in it's place?  Writing worked well this weekend.  I'm pretty pleased with all the blogging I got in!

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